What Makes a Sexy Woman? How to Be Super Sexy & Confident at the Same Time

Sexy is subjective. What makes a woman sexy may not be the same thing that makes someone else sexy. A sexy girl may be outgoing or shy; but if she does have a high self-esteem, this makes her more sexy. She views herself as sexy and sees sexiness in everything. A submissive girl that sees herself as worthless or otherwise inferior is totally unattractive.

Now, let’s talk about some real-life situations where some women would date a guy who is not as sexy as she would date. Let’s say you went to a party dressed nicely for your appearance, but you had a little scratch on your leg. That wouldn’t be that big of a deal except for the fact that it probably looked more embarrassing than sexy. So instead of taking that extra step to cover it up, you probably would date the guy who didn’t notice. Another example of where confidence ends up being Sexy involves going out on a date with a man who treats you badly. If he is showing signs of neglect or jealousy, he isn’t putting out any physical attraction that would make him desirable in a mate.

One final example of why confidence turns into sexy is when you have a great sense of style. Some men just aren’t born with good hair day. If you are confident, you take pride in your appearance and care about what you wear. You will look good and feel sexy. That is what I mean by confidence turning into sexiness.

One of the biggest factors in whether you will feel sexy or not is how much eye contact you make with your man. When you hold eye contact with a man, he feels attracted to you. He wants you to notice him. If he looks away a lot, he is letting you know that he is lost in thought. That makes him feel unwanted and un-attracted to you. Making eye contact with a man is sexy when you don’t glance away, or look away yourself.

A good tip to help you feel sexy (and confident) is to boost your ego. Think about how good it feels when people notice you and compliment you. When you walk down the street, do you see more eyes looking at you than at the streets? If so, you will feel more confident and sexy. Of course, you need to actually put forth the effort to make eye contact with someone in order for this to be effective, but this is a simple method for you to use to make yourself feel more sexy without really doing anything else.

It is actually possible for you to be sexy and confident at the same time. It will take some effort on your part, but if you are willing to make an effort, you will find yourself feeling super sexy and confident. In fact, you will be able to overcome all of those little barriers that keep you from feeling sexy by simply making the extra effort to feel good about yourself. So, get out there, and start improving yourself as a person today!