The Top 2 Types of Bisexual Escorts

Are you in search of the perfect Stafford escorts? Are you in search of the perfect companion who will take care of you? Do you want to spend the rest of your life with someone special? There are many women out there who think like you do. And now it is easy to find them because the Internet has made finding escorts much easier than ever before. All you need to do to find the perfect companion is to use an online dating site.

The two most popular types of escorts on the Internet are bi-curious (bi) and high class (aka high). First of all, bi-curious escorts absolutely love both men and women. They can create fire with both, man and woman. Also, bi-curious means that you’re open for sucking off a cock and vagina at the same time. That’s the height of satisfaction when you see a woman who also sucks a guy’s cock.

Bi-curious escorts are usually open to a threesome or group scene. A threesome is when two escorts get together outside of a scene. Sometimes a bi-curious male can get so turned on by a threesome that they will call their girlfriends over to “weed” them. These types of threesome scenes are usually filled with lots of oral sex.

High class escorts, or bisexual escorts, tend to be more reserved. They prefer the security of a one night stand or some other short-term situation. Instead of watching two girls, they will usually watch one girl and then go out on a date with another girl. Bi-curious girls often enjoy seeing a bunch of guys at once because it builds intimacy.

For the bisexual escorts who do have multiple fetishes, it’s not uncommon to seek out threesome situations. If your girlfriend/wife is into role playing or fantasy movies, she may be open to allowing you to watch her in various costumes and do fantasies. Many women are more than happy to open up and share what turns them on and what turns them off.

As you can see, the top two types of escorts are the gay and bi-curious. Most of the men who prefer to sleep with other men are either bi-curious or gay. Bi-curious ladies tend to be more open about their interests while gay and straight women tend to keep their fantasies secret. There’s nothing wrong with being a bisexual or gay lady, but most women would prefer to be with a woman who is confident in her own sexuality.